the weekend

Happy Labor Day! Let us all take a moment to be thankful that I have not gone, nor do I plan to go into labor today.

. . . 

Thank you. We had a wonderful weekend! Did you? We saw loads of family-- on Saturday we headed north to see Ryan's brother Aaron play in a soccer tournament. But then he sprained his ankle (OH RON.) ((feel better!)) so we watched his team win without him. In between soccer games and family stuff, Ryan's mom threw us a cute little baby shower at the park. Lots of family and friends came to celebrate, and it was so sweet. We're crossing so many things off our list of baby needs, thanks to some very generous folks. Hooray!

And today! OH TODAY. Today was hot. And I've had it with the heat, did you know? Sometime in the early afternoon of this 2012 Labor Day I had meltdown #2 of the day. Poor Ryan went in for a romantic kiss and ended up with a positively soaked shoulder. (Sweat and tears.) Something about the heat makes me very irrational, and all the scary and stressful things going on in my life fill up in my brain all at once. 

I had a good cry. And then I felt better! So we went to the beach. 

The water has warmed up enough to still be shockingly cold, but not body-numbing. We went in as deep as our necks, then let the waves scoot us back towards the beach, little by little. It was wonderful and so good for me. We left feeling slightly sea-weedy, but so refreshed.

Our plan for the remainder of the evening is to celebrate the end of the last summer with just the two of us. Oreo milkshakes, air mattress in the living room, and a fan blowing directly on me-- that'll do it. So long, summer!


  1. I live in tosa and am also sick of the heat. It's awful...not to mention being two weeks away from having a baby. I understand your pain. Hope you enjoy the Oreo milkshake.

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