You guys!

We’re in our little house! Except I don’t know why I’m saying little, because it actually feels huge. I mean, I have to go up an entire flight of stairs to use the bathroom. And my dining room table looks child-sized in its new room. And sometimes, when Ryan tries to say something to me from another room, I can’t hear him. And I have to say WHAT? three times before we finally give in and meet in the middle of wherever we were to talk to each other. Huge, I tell you!

I’m still not feeling quite at home here yet. I think it’s all the boxes. And despite a rather good start, we still have a pretty long list of things to get done. On Saturday a whole bunch of family came over to help us move. We rented a U-haul and our brawny brothers moved almost everything we own in just two trips (thanks, guys!) My mom and sisters stayed here and cleaned the house from top to bottom (thanks, ladies!) I moved from room to room feeling overwhelmed, while being told repeatedly to sit down (thanks for nothing, Amelia.)

There have been a few hiccups along the way. Like how our box spring doesn’t fit up the stairs. We’ve been sleeping on the floor in the bedroom while our partially cut in half box spring taunts us from the living room. We’re still undecided on how to handle that situation. But the kitchen is unpacked, the bathroom is clean, and there’s a fresh coat of paint in the nursery. So, we’re getting there.

Speaking of the nursery, this baby boy is still snug in my tummy. I’d love it if he stayed in there at least a week or two more so I can settle a few things with the house, and also find all the things I need to put in hospital bags. But, my curiosity is getting the best of me, and I’m anxious to meet my little boy. I can’t wait to find out if he has hair! HAIR!

With all the chaos going on in my life right now, I feel a little out of the loop. We still don’t have internet hooked up, so I haven’t even had a chance to read my favorite blogs, let alone write in my own. I’ve got lots of inspiration and good ideas rolling around in my head, so once the baby comes and things are more settled, I’d love to start keeping up with a more scheduled blogging routine. Life is more fun for me when I blog. It’s a fact. I hope you’ll all stay with me!

That being said, I do have a pretty special post all ready to go for tomorrow. Come back, okay?

See you then!

ps: Thank you to all who left such wonderfully comforting messages about my Grandma—each one meant so much to me. You are all so sweet. I’m thankful for you! Hugs and kisses all around.

pps: I have been finding time to update my twitter (@Marthelia) and instagram (@ameliamarthelia) accounts, so feel free to follow along there! 


  1. Love the update. Can't wait to see a tour of your little big home sometime, I know it is such a busy time for you both. That sounds like quite the box spring dilemma, good luck on that one. Can't wait to hear of little man's arrival!

  2. Oh my gosh, so cute!!! When you're all settled I want a little tour :-) good luck with All the unpacking and the baby!!! We moved right before our little one arrived Too!! Good luck with everything! Xo

  3. so glad you are settling in. we now have stairs and i can definitely say the novelty hasn't worn off yet--living in a house is amazing :)

    and i can't beleive it that your baby boy will be arriving soon.