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Hello hello, is it fall by you?

Milwaukee decided to switch seasons early this year, and has dropped its temperatures down to the 60's all week so far. I'm undecided as to how I feel about it. This summer never really felt like it got going strong enough, and now it's just giving up. I guess I'd like it to keep on trying because, while apples and sweaters and football games are nice, I'm still enjoying the garden and open windows and dressing Ralph in tank tops. Not yet, summer, I haven't even been to the beach yet! I'm keeping my spirits up by snipping the dill growing by the back door and bringing it inside. It makes my house smell like my mom's and my grandma's houses. Like home and good food and comfort.

I worked on another fun post for YAMF last week. You can see it here! Ralphie and I threw a fake party that no one came to, although my niece Lilah saw the photos and was pretty sad she couldn't make it. The smell of the balloons and all the bubblegum made my dining room smell like a sticky roller rink arcade, so as soon as the last shot was taken, the balloons came down. And then the real party began. Ralphie went nuts for those balloons.
Ryan has joined forces with my brother-in-law Jason in brewing their own beer for the first time. For a few days this pretty box full of beer-making stuff was in the corner of my living room, taunting Ryan like a Christmas present. He's always loved beer, but now he's really into it-- watching beer documentaries, buying different brands. Drinking it. Hoarding it. So, if anyone is in the mood for a cold one, we've got a fridge-full in the basement.
I still have a serious case of decorator's paralysis since we moved into the house last October. There are too few finished parts, too many unfinished parts. No matter how much I want to complete the house, lists and notebook pages full of ideas are as far as I'm willing to go. This is one of the few finished corners, for now. I like this little spot.
We've been listening to this record nonstop lately. I play it while Ralphie plays on the floor, right before his nap. Side 1 only. He bounces along to it for the first few tracks, and then he gets slower and clumsier and fussier. By the time the needle is back in its place, we're on our way up the stairs to his room. It's one of a million little routines we've made together-- one that I love and want to remember, because I'll miss it when it's gone.
This record isn't nearly as good as I hoped it would be, but I love the colorful sentiment on the cover. I'm thinking of cutting it out and framing it, because like I said, the record stinks.
Aaaaand a shot of one of the many, many messes my curious little boy makes during the day. As much as his constant energy exhausts me, I love watching him discover. Well, that's not entirely true. Sometimes I'm like, darn it Ralph, I just cleaned that up. But. The kid is tough. He doesn't give up. He's fearless like his dad and stubborn like his mother, and my heart swells when I see those parts come out in him. 

In other news, this cool weather has me busting out my Elliott Smith and Nick Drake tunes. Those dudes make me think of school and crispy leaves and homework and grey skies. Sooo, I guess maybe I am ready for fall? I don't know.


  1. Your blog is te best, it's one of those blogs that's inspiring for me to blog and it feels so cozy! I get so excited when I see a new post from you!

    1. Yay! Thank you, thank you, Cassie, that makes me so glad! Those are some nice words. :)

  2. a lovely post, amelia! that is so funny that your niece said she was sad she couldn't make it to the bubblegum party.. i feel that way too, setting up for pretend parties! :)

    your little boy is so cute, how old is he? mine is almost 1 year... i totally understand the eventual missing of those little routines and sweet and funny things you do with your boy... i want to hold on to my little guy's age forever!!

    elliott smith and nick drake are perfect for drizzly cool days... seems as though fall is creeping up everywhere, even here in vancouver!


    1. Thanks Lyndsay! Ralph will be 10mos in three days. He's a riot lately, and so curious and wiggly. I love watching him grow, but I'm with you. Babies forever. Are you dying that yours will be a year old soon? I can't wait to see the party you throw!

  3. I love that hook you have to hang your baskets on! Do you mind sharing where you got it?