Hello! It's been a quiet few days around here, just doing summer time things while trying to stay cool. Here's what's up:

Ryan and I have been house hunting the past weekend. We're just in the first few stages of it, and we're not even sure it's going to happen anytime soon, but we're having fun looking at houses online and dreaming up our perfect first home. I know we're not going to find anything close to extravagant, so it's been extra exciting to look at outdated old lady homes and think of all the fun ways we could fix em up. There's a certain house that I love, and it has the ugliest, most fantastic hot pink bathroom tile. It's truly terrible, but I just can't stop thinking about that darned bathroom. Hardwood floors and a big yard for a garden are at the top of our list so far. We'll see. 

In other news, my love for sweets has been out of control recently. I've always had a sweet tooth, but it's even more intense with the pregnancy. Like, if I had an actual sweet tooth, it would be a large and obvious snaggle tooth that pokes out the front of my mouth. I've discovered a concoction which I have named The Iced Hot Chocolate, and I drink it regularly. It's so easy, it's stupid. Here's how to make one: Get some cold milk, hot chocolate mix, ice, and a cocktail shaker. Shake it all up and pour into a glass. Jingle bells, it's like Christmas in July!

Are you wondering why I've got so many photos of beauteous vegetation? Between the potted plants, the farmer's market flowers, and the herbs my sister harvested and gave to me, we've got a serious green house situation. Every room has flowers in it! It's a little wild and fruit flies are everywhere, but I'm trying to enjoy it while the summer weather lasts. I put the lavender from my sister's garden on my nightstand, and it reminds me of my grandma's linen closet.

All this talk about houses and homemaking has kicked my nesting into full gear. I'm dreaming sweet little nursery dreams. Perhaps I'll be back sometime this week with a few ideas and inspiration pictures. Maybe I'll even make a mood board if I ever figure out how to do that! Oh can you feel the excitement?!

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  1. i call that cold chocolate and i make it all the time! it is so good but then i eat the hot chocolate powder and eat nutella out of the jar--i would blame it on pregnancy but i have always done it :)