70% humidity

Do you see those candles that live on my dresser?

I feel like those candles.

Slowwwllyyy mellllting from the heeeeeeaaaat and humiiiddiiittyyyy. Ohhhhhhhh.

I also look like those candles when I do the dishes now. Bent over like a crippled old woman, only much sweatier.

Sometime around week 24 or 25 my doctor asked me how I was feeling. "Wonderful!" I told him, to which he responded, "Good. That feeling won't last much longer. In a few weeks you'll be back to being uncomfortable." Which I thought was slightly pessimistic for my chipper doctor. But he was right. If only I had known I had just 5 weeks left of baby belly bliss. IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN. 

Because I believe it's time to officially declare that I am in the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.

I want you all to remember that I'm not complaining. But I'm hot. And I can't sleep. And I feel like a stuffed turkey.

But remember. I'm not complaining.

ps: better blog posts with real pictures are coming soon. my apologies.


  1. When is you due date? I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and this post scared the crap out of me! I'm already feeling tired again haha.


  2. Just remember, darlin', you get a baby at the end of all this. So (though I know you are not complaining! :)) as the mother of 2, I swear you won't even remember this, afterwards.

  3. i am 26 weeks pregnant and i think i am heading down that road. i miss sleep so much. but hey i am not complaining either ;)

    and all i keep thinking is how it will all be worth it and how do i persuade my husband to give me another massage.