strawberry cake of my dreams

I've been craving a white cake with strawberries ever since I laid eyes on the cake seen in this post.

Oh that cake. It's been haunting me and my taste buds for months. And since the summer is almost over and strawberry season is sure to come to a close any day now, I felt it was time to make my own.

Ryan and I found some seriously beautiful strawberries at the grocery store--their sweet and sun-ripened scent filled up the whole car on the ride home. Then, while Ryan painted the old dresser we're going to use for the baby's changing table, I baked a cake in the kitchen.

I made a two layer white cake using this recipe and frosted it with whipped cream cream cheese frosting, using this recipe. I scooped out about 1 1/2 cups of frosting and added a few chopped strawberries for the middle layer. It's a refrigerator cake, which is my favorite kind. Good and dense and cold.

Now go and make one for yourself. Amen.


  1. that cake looks amazing--i remember seeing your photos on instagram and wishing i could have a slice :)

  2. You have my mouth watering. I just may have to make it for myself. :)

  3. I now know what I'll be doing this afternoon. Muahaha.

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