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Ralph's first romp in the snow was one of those parental experiences where you expect it to be completely magical and exciting for the child, but instead it's kind of a flop.

After being wrestled into puffy, waterproof clothing so thick he couldn't move, then shoved into a sled and getting dragged around in it with an icy wind whipping at your face, I guess I can't blame Ralph for not loving it. He tried so hard to have a good time, but he kept looking up at us with a face that said, "I'm so cold."

We were out there for maybe 10 minutes. It was only sort of fun while it lasted.

But he did love the candy cane we gave him when we got back inside, and watching the dog next door bark at snowflakes (from the comfort of our living room window) was a total hit. You win some, you lose some. At least the pictures turned out.

Maybe next time, Ralphie baby.


  1. Oh wow, I never would have guessed it from the pictures. So classic and so beautiful. It's funny how the things we play up in our head don't pan out as planned but something else entirely will leave them spellbound.
    River was fairly indifferent about winter/snow last year, but this year!? This year he is obsessed, he adores it. As soon as we get outside he's beaming and I have to drag him back in when we're finished. I just bought him a snow shovel the other day so that is definitely adding to the magic as it's just like daddy's 'fovel'.
    Again- beautiful captures Amelia.

  2. Ha ha! Yup. Same thing happened with both of my girls. But, the first time they get out there and like it, is pretty special. :)

  3. oh my goodness - the one picture which looks like he was falling into your embrace just melts my heart!! beautiful family :))

  4. These photos are perfection. I love this post.