for the birthday boy

Our little Ralphie is turning two on Wednesday, and I've got birthday on the brain. Planning for his day this year has been noticeably different from last year, since I'm less concerned about making things picture perfect and much more interested in making his eyes light up all day long. We don't have too much on tap for the day-- his favorite breakfast (bacon, oranges, and oatmeal with sprinkles,) a long hike to see the fall colors, and a family dinner in the evening.

Ryan and I are fairly certain that we could give him the toy vacuum of his dreams first thing in the morning and call it a day, but being that he's our only dear child who deserves the moon in our eyes (You want the moon, Ralphie? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down, etc.) we've of course bought a bit more than that. Just for fun, I put together a little list of the gifties we've gotten (and a few things that I wish I could get) for our sweet boy.

wooden firetruck, complete with a ladder, steering wheel, and-- the very best part-- a tiny hose. | A sweet keepsake to tuck into his baby book. | A darling old-fashioned hat, to keep small ears warm, and to pass down to future siblings. | The toy vacuum of his dreams, so he can stop pretending with a plastic cart and a loud "eeehh" sound. | A new book, so we can practice our animal sounds and how to lift the paper flaps gennnntly. | A train set, because I couldn't resist. | His very own pair of fuzzy slippers, so he'll stop stealing mine every morning. | A wooden rocking horse for singing rousing renditions of Pony Boy on, after mom's knee gets too tired. | Beeswax birthday candles-- just two-- for making wishes.


  1. Our little Sienna turns 2 in November and I've been thinking of birthday ideas too! Great picks :)

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. My husband would soooo appreciate your It's a Wonderful Life reference here. And that wooden rocking horse is really sweet.

  3. It's a wonderful life ❤️. Darling hat, I pinned a similar one awhile back by Beek on etsy but I really like the tie strings I this one.

  4. He's going to love the train set! We gave our Hudson one for Christmas last year and it is his favorite thing.

  5. Couple of notes: I love you for the it's a wonderful life reference. Dear zoo is one of my favorites. I caught the part about future siblings, ����yay. And finally I hope Ralph's day was perfect and in turn yours too. ��