In our house, evening begins the minute Ryan arrives home from work. As soon as Ralph hears Ryan pull the car into the driveway, he gallops to the back door, shrieking with laughter and pumping his arms into the air. Nothing I do all day long receives that kind of reaction from him, yet it happens every time Ryan walks through the door. Sound the trumpets, dad is home!

Sometimes I imagine Ryan having to take a deep breath before he opens the back door and steps into the kitchen. Like a box of chocolates (or something) I don't think he ever knows what he's gonna get. Some days the room is warm and lived in-- lights are on, pots are steaming on the stove, toys are scattered on the floor and Ralph and I are waiting for him with smiles and a Hi Daddy! How are you? Other days I have two babies in my arms, chopped onions and garlic sit on the counter-- that's as far as dinner has gotten-- and the little hairs on the sides of my head have frizzed out from juggling housework and children all day. Sometimes he walks into a dark kitchen that looks the same as it did when he left that morning, only messier. On these days he is usually greeted by a face that says Please take the baby, let's get out of this house, I don't care where, I'll go anywhere, especially McDonalds. 

Ten minutes later, Ryan is changed out of his work clothes and I am still in the kitchen, trying to salvage supper. This is when things get rowdy. I wait until I can't ignore the bumps and thumps and squeals coming from the living room any longer, and then I yell Go outside! feeling very much like a mom.

I call the boys back in once supper is on the table, and then begins the nightly struggle of trying to get Ralph to eat more than three bites of whatever I have lovingly (or hastily) prepared. This part of the night never goes very well. I won't elaborate.

When we're finished, we give thanks for our food, and then Ryan gives Ralph a bath while I tidy up the house. I pick out small, soft pajamas for my baby to wear. We laugh while he runs through the hall, bare bottomed and delighted about it. We get him dressed, we pick out a book to read, we snuggle, we talk, we laugh, we sing songs, we say prayers, we kiss his cheeks and lay him down. We turn off the light, we close the door. We high five.

Most nights there's a little energy left to do the dishes and talk in the kitchen, just the two of us. Now that cooler weather is here, we call it a night pretty early. Ryan likes to watch TV or read, and I usually head upstairs for a shower or a bath with water hot enough to make my skin itch. Sometimes I knit. Sometimes we watch Jimmy Fallon and have drinks and stay up late. I scroll through my instagram feed and try to keep my eyes open. When one of us starts to fall asleep on the couch, we decide its time. And then we go to bed, always together, every night.

read about our morning, here.


  1. the last line, especially. wishing you a good one tonight!

  2. I feel every word of this one. And I love that photo of the mirror reflection.

  3. Oh wow. You put it so beautifully, magic in the mundane . Beautiful essay.

  4. So precious, love reading your posts! My husband works night shifts so for 3 years we haven't gone to bed together or get up together and it is the thing I crave so much!

  5. Hi Amelia- I have been reading your blog for about a year and a half and have never commented before, but just wanted to say from afar that I very much enjoy reading your posts and seeing the lovely photos of your life. I always feel a sense of honest balance between reality and looking through life with rose colored glasses when I follow along your blog and Instagram... If that makes sense. As a mother of two young children (3 and 1) the corner that you share so often inspires me to slow down a bit and enjoy the simple moments.
    Reading other people's blogs and catching a glimpse of their world sometimes makes me feel a little intrusive, especially since I don't personally know most of them. So I thought I would say hello and no longer be a silent reader.
    I love this post as well as your morning routine post. There are so many similarities to my own day and it's comforting and interesting to hear your take on it all.

  6. Hi, Amelia! I just discovered your blog and read through every single one of your posts, from beginning to end. I'm in love. As a fellow stay-at-home mom (I have a 22-month old boy and 4-month-old girl), I'm inspired by how you see the beauty in the every day. I aspire to do the same, and sometimes it's easier than others. So looking forward to your future posts!

  7. Such a sweet way to describe your evening routine. I adore the photos coupled with it. It's real and it's honest, there's no way around life with kids. A beautiful sentiment.