cleaning tip: make your own glass spray bottle

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For those of you who have asked about my glass spray bottles, a quick tutorial. (It's hardly a tutorial.)

I happened upon this by accident one evening when Ryan made drinks and I used the last of a bottle of cleaning spray on Ralph's high chair. What do you know, the two fit together! Bada bing, bada boom.

These particular recyclables happen to be a bottle of Canada Dry tonic water and Honest Company's Multi Surface spray, though if you do a bit of digging in your bin you might find other bottles that fit with other spray tops. You know.

Just give them a wash, scrub off any labels and remove any plastic bits, cut the spray tube to size, and fill 'er up with whatever you like! Water and lavender oil make a nice room spray, if you want to start there.

I do have one slightly larger glass bottle that I bought off Amazon, but why bother when you can use what you already have, and enjoy yourself a gin and tonic?


  1. Do you have any tips for getting labels off that cleanly? I end up with a gooey residue every time.

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  2. Clever! And I second the above question. That goo gets me every time :/

  3. Goo gone works great for getting the sticky residue off!

  4. glass vinegar bottles also work too! A bit bigger bottle, though I like your gin & tonic idea :)

  5. Lemon essential oil works like a charm to remove goopy gunk!

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  8. Do you mind sharing where your scrubby with the wooden handle is from? All the ones I keep coming across are plastic. Not the end of the world's rod, but... booh.

  9. Great! Love it

  10. Your photos are so lovely! What camera do you use?

  11. aaah! love it. I was JUST shopping and thinking I needed some simple and attractive spray bottles. Clever.

  12. Love this idea!!! I've just been filling my old Meyers bottle with water and Dr. Bronners and reusing that but I like yours even better.

  13. This is the closest I've ever come to feeling like I WANT to clean. Oh the motivation of pretty things!

  14. Nice blog. My wife and I read it religiously and always enjoy your cleaning tips. Very interesting regarding making your own glass spray bottle. I hadn't thought of doing that before, but will definitely try to do so now. Have you been to HJSSupply.com? I found some good materials for this type of project on that site.

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Co.

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  16. Just found your darling new-to-me blog via Design Mom! DELIGHTFUL. It's like a breath of cool fresh air coming in from an open summer window!:)

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  24. After washing a bottle, lay it on its side for a bit.. you'll be surprised how much water ( or wine/ oil, etc) can be removed for recycling or repurposing. Great spray bottle idea.. looking for HONEST spray items soon!

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