a date at the museum

Edgar Degas, Three Dancers in Yellow Skirts

For the past month, these terribly beautiful commercials have been appearing on TV featuring the MAM's new exhibit, Impressionism: Masterworks on Paper. It plays Clair de Lune the whole time, and I feel fancy just watching it. I had been wanting and wishing (and hinting) to go, but I knew Ryan wouldn't be crazy about the ticket price. That is, until the stars aligned and the heavens opened and I was moved to check the website for more information. Free on the first Thursday of the month? Open until 8pm? Well, golly.

When Ryan got home from work last Thursday, we walked to the museum and spent a glorious two hours there. Oh it was fantastic. I forgot how much I really love the Impressionist artists. Cezanne! Van Gogh! Renoir! And that Degas, he really is something. I was able to get my nose up in those pieces and study them, which I'm sure was terribly impolite to the other museum goers. Seeing them in person allowed me to notice things that I never did in books or on the screen in class -- some of the works were done on what looked like brown paper bags, and even cardboard! And they were beautiful! I was reminded of gesture drawing. My fingers itched to dig out my charcoal and pastels. It felt good. The best part was that with all of this art class knowledge flooding back into my brains, I was able to impress Ryan with some truly fantastic facts:

Ryan: "This piece was done in gouache. How do you say that? Gowsh?"
Me: "No, darling. It's pronounced gwash."

Right?? I wasn't an art major for nothing.

We weren't able to take pictures in the exhibit, but it was allowed in the other parts of the museum. While I admired the paintings and drawings, engineer Ryan inspected the architecture. It really is such a beautiful museum.

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