over the weekend

We spent the weekend doing small projects and boring little things that we like. We went on a walk and harvested some branches for an art project, went to McDonald's for lunch, made the fastest trip ever to Home Depot, did the dishes, watched a movie, etc. Some sad little chairs were left by the dumpster a few weeks ago, and while Ryan sanded down his old dresser, I finally decided to do something about them. I gently wiped the sticky old varnish off their sorry forgotten bones (as well as a few other mysterious substances which I am trying to forget about) and told them that I loved them, those poor dumpster chairs. A $3 sample pot of Martha Stewart's "Cornbread" freshened them up, and they are now the most glorious shade of yellow.

Most importantly, it's been a month since our baby girl went to heaven. We wonder a lot about what she's doing, or what we'd be doing if she were still here with us. We still miss her so much. But -- the happy moments of our day are quickly outnumbering the sad, our hearts are getting lighter, and we're thankful that lots of laughter is filling up this tiny apartment again.

Now. Onto the new week!

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