did the grinch's dog have a name?

 though this wasn't the first time we've been seen
snatching up free/forgotten/fallen loot and lugging it home,
we did feel kind of silly gathering large branches from the bike trail and carrying them back to the apartment.
(thank you, teenager who honked at us on kilbourn.)
but it was worth it.

i'm feeling pretty pleased with how these homemade antlers turned out.
and the cost to make them (only $7 for clay)
was much more reasonable than the $80 price tag on the antlers at the thrift store.

an added bonus: ryan noticed that one antler looks quite similar to the antler that a favorite christmas movie character sports...

this is most certainly true.

ps: chair in progress!
i'm not finished with the seat yet.
(i have an idea.)
but, oh, that yellow is the color of my soul.

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