Last year's Christmas season was such a bust. Between my soul-sucking, time consuming job and . . . well, that's really the only thing that kept us from soaking up the Christmas spirit all December long. It wasn't until I had a few days off right before Christmas that we were able to deck the halls and trim the tree and all that stuff. I remember Ryan gathered all of my favorite Christmas movies and let me play them all day long, one after the other, while we bustled around wrapping gifts and hanging stockings. It was actually pretty cozy. We stuffed a whole lot of jolly into those few days. However. The Martha in me was so desperately sad. There was no time for homemade cocoa! Or quiet evenings gazing at the tree after Advent services! Or pom pom garlands!

Not this year. This year, it's going to be a whole month of jolly.

And so.

I'm hanging garland from just about every surface, and baking the cookies, and doing everything I can to make the season bright. I mean, we've got 3 Advent calendars. Two of them involve chocolate. But the big one provides one Christmas-y activity each day. We're soaking it up big time this year, and it's going to be grand.


  1. Our daughter also had a still born baby at 21 weeks, a son to jplay with their daughter. He was her second pregnancy, and they were devastated. Eleven months later, they had a perfect son, born healthy and happy. He is our "rainbow" baby - that's the official term for a baby born after a stillbirth.
    She was in the Army, and even went to Iraq, before she had children. She says there is no sadness or fear that matches the news that your baby has died.
    This was 2.5 years ago, and it's still difficult for them, but especially her. Try to remember there will be a rainbow after the storm.

  2. A rainbow baby? I've never heard that, but I love it. How beautiful! Thank you for your kind words.