Novum Christmas party 2011 and this is what we wore.

Records show that Ryan's work Christmas party always happens on the first bitterly cold day of the winter, and I am never wearing pants. 

Last year, the party was held at Miller Park. It was real fancy. There was a fancy chef wearing a fancy chef's hat carving a fancy beef cut. And there were cheesecake bites! Well. This year was not so fancy and I'm wondering if it's because it was held at the Harley Davidson Museum, but I'm not entirely sure? (They served apple pie squares, and they were not good.) I also ended up sitting next to a cute, pregnant wife of Ryan's co-worker, so there was some pouting. I'm not proud of it.

Here are some things I did enjoy: 
1.) The slideshow on the big screen included a photo of Ryan wearing a hard hat! I pointed and clapped every time it appeared, like a good wife should.
2.) Ryan's description of one of his co-workers: "She's a runner. She runs a lot. Like, down the hallways. Everybody laughs."

 And now, more photos!

Novum Christmas party 2009!!!
we were in college

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