christmas eve eve

We're back from our little vacation with Ryan's family, but I'm still feeling vacation-y. The house is a mess, and the fridge is empty, and I don't want to unpack! So, instead of catching up around the house, I'm catching up on internet stuff. 

We spent Christmas Eve Eve making preparations for Christmas day. Ryan wrapped my presents while I baked cookies. He got all fancy and wrapped one gift in actual Christmas lights, which was mostly adorable and only slightly irritating, since it literally outshone all the gifts I worked hard on wrapping. He was way proud of it.

I've got lots more pictures to go through, so I'll be back later with little blurbs about more Christmas stuff and our vacation in Mishicot.


  1. Amelj, your tree is gorgeous! And the gifts are too cute. Is that glitter polish I see in the last photo? Girl, so Christmas-sassy.

  2. Sho nuff, it's glitter polish! Fa la la la la!