Amelia Approved.

There's a little story my mother likes to tell
about a girl named Amelia (that's me)
who politely asked her darling mother to buy her a cute tee at The Gap.
When her mother said, "Wait until your birthday, dear,"
Amelia pouted and yelled, "But I want it NOW!"

That story is true. And while I was not 18 years old at the time,
(that's my mom's version.) ((I think I was 13.))
I was a brat.

But guys. 
I know what I like.
And I know what I want.
I can't even help it.

Lately I've been discovering some quality stuff, both in life and on the internets, that I like.
Stuff that I want

1. Rebekka Seale's pretty prints. They're delicate and sweet and I love them. I wish I had thought of them. And while we're at it, her blog is just as good. So dreamy!
2. Watercolor supplies. I can't find my favorite brush and it's bumming me out. So I'd like: a nice Moleskine to keep little paintings bound in one place, and some lush new brushes. Practice makes perfect!
3. Free printable party invites on Making it Lovely. So cute. And free!
4. I like any type of clothing or accessory that reminds me of what my mom wore when she was my age. These sandals do that.
5. Lemon drops. An old favorite has become new again. Mmm.
6. Every time I go into Anthropologie, I sniff this candle. Deeply. I should just buy it already.

And there you have it. Amelia Approved.


  1. Im afraid you'll never be able to live that story down, dear sister. I love you SO much!!!

  2. Hahah I love that you screamed at your mum.

    And Rebekka's prints are to die for--so pretty.