Life for us the past few weeks has been consumed with short spurts of busy-ness followed by short spurts of lazy-ness. The weekends were the busy times, filled with trips home to my parents' house, visits with family and friends, playing with nephews, sleeping in a different bed, packing and unpacking. We spent the weekdays playing catch up--on sleep, on work, on cleaning, on groceries, on cooking, on Mad Men. 

As fun as the past 4 weekends have been, I'm glad to have a quiet one coming up.
I want to make good meals, go on a couple long walks and hit up some yard sales, if I can find them.

In other good stuff kind of news, if you want to know what my most favorite part of nannying is lately,
it would be bath time.
It's like bathing fat, wet noodle.
And there's nothing sweeter than a clean, calm, soapy baby.
Just in case you wanted to know. :)


  1. your shoes! i cannot get over how cute those polka dot shoes are!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love those shoes, too!! Where did you get them?

  3. Thank you!! I got them at Forever 21 a few weeks ago. I wear them almost every. day.

  4. What a cute blog- great style! I love all your posts.. and congratulations on expecting.
    Lovely belly wishes to you..