We spent the Easter weekend at my mom and dad's house. Holidays there are always a cozy, happy time. My mom keeps such a sweet house, and she cooks like Martha Stewart. She does laundry like her, too. I would know... I brought 6 loads of laundry with me and she did 5 of them. Thanks, Mom!

Like usual, after a wonderful church service (Easter morn trumpets! Has there ever been a more joyful sound? It made me wonder what heaven was like and what my baby was doing that day. Must have been beautiful!) we headed outside to take some pictures in our Easter Sunday best. A few days later I looked through them, and was a little disappointed to find that hardly any of them turned out. A few days after that I looked through them again and was pleased to realize that, while they aren't the most flattering pictures, they are hilarious. I'm glad I've got them.
However, here are a few things that did turn out:
one slightly blurry photo of me and my cute husband,
and the apple pie that he made. 
That turned out quite nicely.


  1. Ahh!! A whoopie cushion! That's too funny. I can't imagine why you couldn't get a successful group shot with that around. :)

    I love your thoughts about Heaven on Easter.. It gives me goosebumps to picture what a celebration in Heaven will look like!

  2. I could do with your mum at the moment I have far too much laundry waiting to be done.

    Sounds like you had a great easter weekend :)