i can tell that we are gonna be friends

I've been so terrible at keeping a pregnancy journal. Shame on me, lazy bones! In an effort to fix that, here are the things I want to remember about being pregnant with my sweet baby boy child:

About Mom::
  • I found out we were expecting on Ryan's birthday. I also had a job interview, and was hosting a dinner with friends that night. I was a crazy mess that day.
  • I first felt baby move at 16 weeks, but wasn't totally sure that's what was happening until about 18 weeks. Stomach gurgles and digestion and things. They make you unsure.
  • I felt sleepy and sick in the evenings of my first trimester. Mornings and early afternoons were blissful! Then, around 3pm, I'd feel icky and pukey and afraid of the kitchen. Cheerios for supper every night.
  • My second trimester is the coolest, ever.
  • Breakfast food! Eggs and toast and bacon and pancakes and french toast and bagels and hashbrowns and smoothies and cereal! I'll eat it all at every meal! Thank you!
  • My hair is glorious and shiny! My nails are strong and grow at record speed! My skin never got the memo!
  • I only wear pants when I'm at work. The rest of the time I'm dressed in skirts and dresses and pajamas.
  • I'm emotional, and not in just the weepy way. Things sway me and leave an impression. Sad things are sadder, sweet things are sweeter, scary things are scarier, funny things are WAY funnier. We recently watched an episode of Mad Men before bed that disturbed me so much, I had to have Ryan distract me until I fell asleep. And speaking of sleep . . .
  • I can't sleep very much anymore. Also, body pillows are funny.
About Dad::
  • Ryan felt the baby move so early! All the books say after 22ish weeks, but he just happened to have his fingertips right where baby had his toes, and it was love at first thunk. He smiled all night long.
  • He still hates giving the foot rubs. That's nothing new.
  • Though he makes up for it by taking me out for frozen yogurt.
  • Sometimes I tell him to talk to the baby and he gets stage fright. Instead of saying sweet lovey nothings to the baby, he'll list off chores the poor boy will have to do when he grows up. "You'll take out the garbage, and help mom with the dishes, and mow the lawn..." 
  • Once, while watching a show on PBS about Africa, I caught him crying. Something about a little girl who died and her dad finding her shoes in a field. When I asked him if he was crying he said, "NOT THAT MUCH."
About baby::
  • Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash. Ain't that cute?
  • He kicks at almost every meal, and especially at night. And just when I think that it's been too long since I've felt him wiggle, he wiggles. He's a good boy.
  • We're pretty set on a name for him. A real good, solid name. But Ryan's been calling him Phil, just to distract me from saying the real name too much. We want to keep it a secret so there's a fun surprise. That, and I'm afraid that some people who don't like it will tell me so. It's happened before.
  • He's officially a few days older than his big sister, which makes me sad and thrilled at the same time.
  • My maternal instinct is telling me that he's going to be really cute. And blond like his dad. I can just tell.
The end.


  1. SO sweet. I'm so happy for you and your husband!

  2. LOVE this!!!! I love Baby Boy Markgraf more than you will ever know!! This auntie cannot wait to snuggle that little peanut. Is it October yet?? :)

  3. Sweet - someday he might enjoy reading all this.

  4. I think it's so fun and important to remember the little details about pregnancies. One day Phil (ha) will get to read this, and that will be awesome.

  5. This is so precious! Makes me look forward to having my own little bun in the oven.
    I think your blog is just the sweetest. :)

  6. It is SUCH a relief to know that I'm not the only one who has first trimester evening sickness. For a while I thought it was all in my head, until I realized last week or so that it's starting to fade as I slowly finish out the first trimester. I've had some insensitive types tell me it just doesn't make sense that I feel fine during the day and icky at night, and so I must be kinda faking it, but now I can tell them to stuff it because I know of someone else who had the exact same situation. And, oh, that fear of the kitchen! It's really sad for someone who loves cooking and eating, but I have to remind myself that it too will fade.