this is what happened this morning.

IMG_3992 IMG_3989 All the bad things that have happened today can be traced back to postpartum hair loss. A middle finger to you, postpartum hair loss!

Ryan woke up this morning to a flooded kitchen.

Our shower drain had been running slowly for days, and we both knew it was because giant clumps of my hair have been swirling down the drain every time I shampoo. Then, yesterday, I noticed our kitchen sink was running slowly. By evening it had completely stopped draining. Two trips to Home Depot and one dirty, smelly, silty sink later, we gave up trying and resolved to call a plumber in the morning.

But then Ryan showered this morning, and we're pretty sure the giant hair clog that was hanging out somewhere in the pipes decided to make sure nothing was going to drain AT ALL. So, all of his shower water came up the kitchen sink, and overflowed onto the floor and the counters and even into some of my cupboards.

And we were like, Aw man, postpartum hair loss. This is your fault! Middle finger.

Ryan took a half-day from work so he could help me clean up, and once the plumber left we actually ended up having fun while we washed piles of drippy wet dishes and bleached the floor and counters. You know, the kind of fun where you're totally annoyed at the same time. Thankfully there were only a few losses, like the cardboard box our garbage bags came in and a box of swiffer sheets, which, for me, is quite tragic since I use those suckers every day to wipe up millions of hairs. (MIDDLE FINGER.)

The upside of all of this is that we're going out for supper tonight. I've done enough dishes for one day.

And now you've read an entire blog post about a drain clog caused by postpartum hair loss. I'm sorry.


  1. That hair loss is super annoying!! The joys of owning your home, huh? Glad you had some fun anyway. :)

  2. Mine is finally starting to let up a little and my little one is 10 months old. :( BUT, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! I promise. Keep taking your pre-natals, too. I am so proud of my inch long hairs around my face and in the part of my hair.

  3. On the plus side, even under piles of dishes, your kitchen is totally crush-worthy! Very Martha.

  4. Postpartum hair loss, you're the worst! {I hate your stinkin' guts. You make me vomit.} Honestly, mine is still giving me fits. Maybe in 20 years my hair will be back to normal? And that will be something to look forward to when I'm 46.

  5. The hair loss is the worst. Try Nioxin shampoo, it significantly helped me from losing so much all at once. Now I have these crazy micro bangs from the regrowth.