what's happenin'.

1. I've been a serious winter grump the past week or two. Turns out all I needed was three solid hours of uninterrupted window shopping. Ralph and I hit up Michaels, Target, and the party store today, and that sweet wee babe of mine slept the whole time. I got to browse the makeup aisles, ponder the new hand soap scents (Mrs. Meyers radish??) ((It's good.)) and put numerous bags of Easter candy into my cart. And then put them back on the shelf. And then put two bags back into the cart. Peanut butter eggs and Cadbury minis made the cut.

2. Guess what else I saw at Target. An old man in the bleach aisle, holding onto a big container of animal crackers. The kind that come in the big plastic teddy bear tub. Isn't that the sweetest thing?

3. As I write this, Ryan and I are sitting on the couch with that bag of Cadbury minis between us. We're watching The Artist. I like Peppy Miller the best. Ryan likes the dog.

4. Ralph has grown two little teeth this past week. The first one popped out last Thursday and the second one showed up yesterday. I knew it was coming, since he's been drooly and chewing on everything he can get his hands on lately, but I was still completely shocked when I felt it for the first time. He's been so sad about it all, and I can't say I blame him. I'd be annoyed too if people kept putting their fingers in my mouth.

5. Lately I can't stop thinking about our little life just a year ago. I think it's the changing of seasons. Last year at this time it was spring in that little apartment.

6. Can you tell it's the middle of March? This post has nothing to do with anything. Eh. I'll be back tomorrow with something more interesting. Hopefully.


  1. i just picked up the mrs. meyer's radish cleaner last night, and i love it! my husband says radishes really just smell like dirt.

    i once heard someone say that if we as adults were to go through what babies went through with teething, we would go insane. poor babe!

  2. Winter grumps are the worst. The past few days here have been gloriously warm, which makes me feel like my old normal self again. {It feels good.} I've been stepping back and looking at how I felt during the winter, how frustrated I was and how I snapped at everyone, and it was kind of like constant PMS. I'm glad spring is visiting, and will soon be here for good.

    Sometimes I think things about having babies like, "I am so done with teething" and "I can't wait until I don't have to deal with anyone's poop but my own" because seriously, I am tired of those parts of parenthood already. But then also, I love having babies.

  3. I think that peanut butter eggs and cadbury minis would cheer me up too. Ralph looks so cute nuzzled up to you. I love baby snuggles.