Mother's Day

Afterlight Afterlight Afterlight Afterlight
Wanna know a secret? These photos were taken after Ryan and I had a big fight.

It was the kind of fight that was overdue and waiting to happen. You know the kind, right? Little things were building up and up and up and then on Mother's Day, of all days, I think the pressure of making the day a special one got to both of us, and everything spilled over. Ryan and I are kind of pros at saving our fights for "special" days. It's a gift, truly. :)

Eventually we got it all out of our system, and when it was over, we drove over to the lake and had a nice long talk in the car while Ralph napped in the backseat. A good talk, and some good, true apologies, and a few nice hugs, and a long laugh about the silliness of it all-- it was just what our hearts needed. Then we started the car back up and held hands while we drove along all the old lake roads we used to take Sunday drives on, back when we were just a family of two.

We drove until we got to our favorite beach. By then Ralph had woken up, so we decided to brave the chilly wind and walk down to the water, our little family of three.

So yeah, these photos were taken after a fight. But they were also taken after a really nice little moment in our marriage. The day turned out to be special after all, in its own weird, post-argument sort of way. And these pictures we took, of me and my boys-- I can't stop looking at them. All I've ever wanted in life was to be a wife and mother. I'm so happy to be theirs.


  1. One thing I love about you and how you blog is that you are true to yourself in how you document your life. I know of few bloggers who blog about sadness, and even fewer who blog about getting into fights with their husbands--and I follow many blogs :). I understand why some choose not to disclose those parts of their life online, but for people like me who are often discouraged by the lack of relateability to the many bloggers who present themselves to live picture-perfect lives every minute of the day, this is such a lovely breath of fresh air.

    Happy mother's day to you, everyday! -Angeline

  2. there is nothing like a good fight to clear the air--we have all been there.

    love these photos :)