ralphie and the apple

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At Ralph's six month well visit his pediatrician told me that most food restrictions for babies have been lifted. Apparently things like eggs, fish, and even peanut butter are just fine for babies to consume. (One at a time, and in moderation, of course.) I can't quite explain why, but this news absolutely thrilled me. It might be because it seems like there are so many rules for babies-- don't do this, don't do that, be careful, watch out, ahhhh! It was nice to hear a doctor say, Eh. Go for it.

So, the other day when I was eating an apple and Ralph was doing the usual long, drooly stares that he does when he watches me eat, I thought, why not, and handed him the apple to see what he would do. He took that apple in his pudgy hands and gnawed away for 10 straight minutes, happy as a clam. And it was CUTE.

(And for those of you who might be nervous about him choking, don't worry. I watched him very closely, and any bits of apple he was able to scrape off with his two little bottom teeth were tiny and quickly spit out. He has no idea what to do with them yet. :) )

The only downside to this is that I never get to finish an apple anymore.

I'm back over at You Are My Fave today, with a post on a DIY Wahoo board! This was a fun one to make. Special thanks go out to my sister Liz and nephew Oliver, for being such excellent and cooperative hand models. ;) Special NO THANKS goes out to Ryan, who has beaten me one too many times since I made the board. I DON'T LIKE LOSING AT MY OWN GAME.


  1. oh my! how precious :) i'm sure you don't mind sharing haha!

  2. #winning (if he had a twitter account I'm pretty sure that would have been his reaction)

  3. It's so fun when your kids can start doing more things, like eating apples! I also loved playing Wahoo as a kid! Although, I didn't know that was it's name. I'm tempted to make my own board, now! And, finally, you are the only ones suffering from a weird spring. We are getting snow here in Missouri! Crazy, but good to know that God controls the weather! (sorry about all those exclamation marks :) )

  4. I loved when you instagrammed this....too cute! It is the funniest thing to watch how they react to different kinds of food and what they do. I am loving this whole mom thing :) Also loved the game diy. Never heard of it before, but I love games so I am sure I would enjoy it! PLus you made one with some pretty colors. swoon.

  5. i just love your blog. and for the record, ralphie has one of those perfectly adorable baby faces that just pulls you in.

    happy spring weather! ;)

  6. i am doing exactly the same thing with my little girl ava. she had cucumber earlier this week and the face she pulled hilarious--she didn't like it but tried it again and again and mushed it up really well.

    apparently it is called baby led weaning and it is a whole way of weaning your baby--you probably know this but just thought i would let you know on the off chance you didin't :)