belly laughs from ralph: a video

This little one is keeping us in stitches lately. He's such a happy baby, and as long as he gets a couple proper naps during the day, is just the sweetest thing to be around. The silliest things make him laugh-- Ryan using a shovel, the broom, the barks of the dog next door-- it all produces serious belly laughs from Ralphie.

I took this video last weekend after a day of graduation parties and visiting with family. All three of us were pretty wiped, and I was running a fever of 103 that came out of nowhere. We sat down to eat, and Ryan started playing peek-a-boo...and then this happened. It was awesome.

Oh Ralph, you're a peach. I love you.

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  1. Auntie Liz loves you and your sweet laugh, baby Ralphie!