baby leo, etc.

I held a fresh new baby over the weekend, for the first time since Ralphie was born. The newest member of our family showed up last Thursday, and I've been on an itty bitty squeaky newborn high all weekend. Ryan's brother Jason and his wife Kaili had their first baby, and they named him Leo, and I love him. He's blond and beautiful, with the prettiest, fairest skin. And like every mother before me who's held a baby not long after having her own, I thought, was Ralph ever this tiny? Such a little bird, that Leo baby is. As I expected, I've been overly sentimental about the whole thing. Jason and Kaili are already such sweet and tender parents, and it's been a special kind of joy watching them with their son.

We got a few, "Does this make you want to start trying for another one?" comments over the weekend, too. Ryan remains a solid NO, while I'm now a wishy washy wellllll maaaaayyybeee.....

I can't remember who it was, but I heard someone say a while back that when they think about having another baby, they don't really want another baby, they just want to do it all over again with their first. And if I really think about it, that's exactly how I'm feeling right now. Because gosh, wouldn't it be wonderful to have the chance to live those first few precious weeks over again? Except this time, with all the experience, and definitely without the swelling and stitches and hot flashes? Only in my dreams, I guess.

We met little Leo in the same hospital I delivered in. It was crazy to be back in those halls we walked while we waited for Ralph to show up. It was fun to compare birth stories with Kaili, and discuss the deliciousness that is the ice cold apple juice in the styrofoam cups the nurses deliver almost hourly. As Ryan and I walked the long skywalk back to the parking garage, we talked about the awful time we walked into that hospital with a baby and walked out without her, and about the wonderful time we walked into that hospital with a baby and walked out with Ralph.

The same Ralph who now bounces happily on wagon rides
Afterlight and climbs stairs with sticky hands
Afterlight and looks like this in his car seat
Afterlight but, once, only nine months ago, looked like this: Afterlight
Oh time, you can be so dumb sometimes.


  1. This entire post is so golden! Congratulations to the new mama, and to YOU for being such a sweet and loving mother! Those babies are lucky to be yours.

  2. adorable photos!


  3. A nephew is a precious, precious thing. Enjoy :)

  4. Congrats on your new nephew! I *think* Kaili was in 7th or 8th grade when I student taught at Grace and I coached her in cheerleading. This makes me feel very old. :) It's so fun to look at those first moments with your grown babes. Never gets old. :)

    1. Angela that's so crazy! Kaili did go to Grace, so you're probably right. That's neat. I'll ask her about it! :)