peonies, please

IMG_6001 Flowers are so fashionable right now, aren't they? It seems silly, since flowers have been wonderful and beautiful and around since God said, "Let there be flowers." But all it takes is one look at Pinterest to know that every woman needs to wear a flower crown while strolling through the farmer's market to pick out a flowery bouquet that she can carry around in her straw bag, and then maybe a couple mason jars to keep the flowers in when she gets home. 

The internet has made me believe that I need all of these things.

So, when I was walking through the yard a few weeks ago and noticed some tight round buds that just happened to look like peonies growing along the back corner, I was like RAISE THE ROOF. Because peonies are probably the most fashionable flower there is right now. There I was, right on trend, and I hadn't even had to do anything.

It was then that I became obsessed with the peonies. There were eleven of them, closed up so tight, and with big black ants crawling all over the top petals. I checked on them multiple times a day. I talked to them. I adored them. I waited and waited and waited for them to bloom.

And then they did. One by one, the petals opened to reveal the prettiest, most lush flowers I had ever laid eyes on. I loved them. So sue me.
I thought about leaving them to grow and open and last in the yard, but I couldn't resist snipping each one and taking them inside to put in a vase. ("I need a vahhse? A vase? A vahhse?" Name that movie!) And then of course, I had to take their picture.

And I'm glad I did, because they lasted all of two days.

Until next year, peonies. I'll be waiting for you.


  1. Peonies are the prettiest. There's a reason they're so popular! Wish I could get some to grown in my beach jungle backyard here in San Diego. Alas, it's all succulents and palm trees for me.

    1. Hey man, I'd take succulents and palm trees! I cannot, for the life of me, keep a succulent alive... and isn't it supposed to be the easiest plant of all? :/

  2. Peonies... aren't they the friendliest flower? ;)

    1. Yes! That, and daisies, am I right? :)

  3. How gorgeous! And congraulations for growing them, they must be all the more precious (and for this reason I would be reluctant to throw them out until they had wilted and rotted away into nothing)!

    You're right about the internet convincing you that you need mason jars and flowers. Right now I 'need' linen table clothes and cow-parsley. Pinterest has much to answer for.


    1. Yes! Linen, linen, linen! But I have no idea what cow-parsley is, and am about to google it. If pinterest says I need it, I better know what it is.

  4. You've Got Mail!!

    Ah I'm so jealous. we just bought a house and that was the first request that i had this summer, "peonies, please." my poor husband will probably not hear the end of it until we get a plant to grow. and we WILL get a peony plant to grow! i'm definitely under the hypnosis of pinterest peonies.

    1. Bingo!

      I was pestering my husband about them, too! So much. But we just moved into the house in September and it turns out the old lady living here before us had already planted them years ago. I got really really lucky. I hope you get yours too!