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IT'S SUMMERTIME EVERYBODY. Which is my excuse for the lack of frequent writing here. That, and the fact that the power cords for both of our laptops are near-death. Actually, that's not true, mine is totally dead, and Ryan's has to be held in place in a very specific way in order for it to work, which is what I'm doing now, and it's not easy. So.

Anyway, these here pictures are from the weekend before last. After church that Sunday we went down to our old spots by our old apartment and had a good old time. And oh man, sometimes I miss living there so much! We went to our old grocery store for doughnuts, and Ryan said, "Let's walk around the whole store just for fun." So we did. And it was just like old times, except instead of slowly waddling down the aisles with a giant belly, I was pushing a stroller with a baby inside, and they also moved the nut aisle to the other side of the store. Who knows why. Once we picked out our doughnuts, which just happened to match my outfit, what luck, we parked it at the beach and walked around. It was windy and warm and nice to be back.

And now this, which is related in no way to anything I've been talking about so far: Recently I stumbled upon the most ridiculous and wonderful station on Pandora. It's called Old Time Music Radio and I CAN'T STOP LISTENING. It's all banjos and gentle rivers and devil whiskey and wildwood flowers. It's the closest thing to country music that I can get into, and man am I into it. It makes me feel like cooking in my kitchen and hanging out the laundry to dry and, I don't know, churning some butter or something. Ralph can really get down with the banjo pickin' songs, y'all should see it. (It also makes me want to say y'all, see what I'm saying?)

Speaking of Ralph! He has seven teeth now, four on top and three on the bottom. For a little while he only had one tiny eye tooth on the top, which made him look like a tiny baby hillbilly, and resulted in the nickname "Snaggle Tooth" from his parents. But just when I started to seriously worry that maybe he didn't even have his two front teeth at all, they popped right through and we started using the toothbrush his grandma put in his Easter basket. He's army crawling and getting into everything, and just this weekend learned how to fake laugh. He's changing so quickly and deserves more blog posts about the funny things he does. I'll work on it. Because, shoot, I love him so much. 

There's a whole bunch of other stuff I'm quite behind on in the blogging department, like Father's Day and our Fourth of July and our garden, and hopefully I'll find some time during naps to get it all down here. Because as annoying as holding this power cord in place is, recording these happy summer days is so worth the effort. We've had some gooood days. Summer, never leave!

And in case you missed it, here's July's installment of craftiness on You Are My Fave. I'm still so pumped about being able to write and craft for Melanie's blog. It's such a sunny part of my life. I made fake sparkler cupcake toppers this time around, and they were featured on Oh Happy Day as one of Jordan Ferney's favorite party ideas last week, which was an exciting accomplishment indeed! WATCH OUT MARTHA STEWART. 

Just kidding Martha. I love you.


  1. This post made me smile with all its energy and colour! Happy Summer to you!

    Shame about the computer cords - mine and my boyfriends laptops have died at the same time too!! So annoying! Bad, bad timing huh?
    Your outfit is very, very nice pretty lady, really nice! Looking forward to reading some more posts if your power cord allows!

    Flora x


  2. Still going through your blog..... Thank you so much for the suggestion for that Pandora radio station! I really don't like listening to music a lot because I love silence so much. But, this music is totally my thing and will be perfect when I need a pick me up (and want to get in the mood for canning or something!).