We went out last night in search of a nice open space for Ralphie to explore. Now that he's walking full-time, he's really able to get around quickly. And there are only so many laps around the dining room table he can make before you start to feel sorry for the kid. So as soon as Ryan got home from work, we put on our shoes and headed to the car. I grabbed the camera on the way out because Ralph just happened to be looking pretty cute and put-together which, by that time of day, is rare. These days we're lucky if he's still wearing pants past 3pm.

Our goal was some sort of playground to let him toddle around, but we missed our turn and ended up pulling onto a side street that had a golf course and a walking trail and the prettiest sunshiney light I think I've ever seen. We walked the trail and let Ralph navigate his way through the tall grass. Grasshoppers were caught, doggies were waved at, and countless amounts of black walnuts were chucked into the field, over and over, just to hear the laugh of the little boy who thought it was hilarious. It was such a happy moment, and I snap snap snapped away, so glad to have the memories caught on camera. Thank goodness I grabbed it, eh?
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  1. i think this is my favorite post of yours to date. so very lovely! xx

  2. Thank goodness you grabbed it indeed! Your video of this evening was heartwarming as well. Mom is looking pretty cute and put together in this post, in fact fabulous and effortlessly classic Amelia. What a beautiful compilation - thank heavens for missed turns and perfect sunshine. Happy weekend!

    1. Aw, Jaclyn! You're always so kind. Thank you for the nice words! XOXO.