apples and the flu

Ralph and I have come down with our first seasonal flu bug today. Fevers, chills, tummy issues, we don't want to talk about it. I have my thickest pair of socks on and I'm buried under my softest blanket, and I'm still freezing my bits off. I was all excited about the cooler weather, the beauty of fall, the cozy crisp cinnamon flavored everything, and then boom. I'm sick. How rude.

But I'm not sick enough to not show you some pictures from the apple orchard we visited over the weekend. (Did that sentence make sense?) I don't remember the last time I've gone apple picking, but I do know I was very young when it happened. Seasonal activities like this always get me really pumped up, and I think it's because I am the youngest child. I feel like fun things are always reserved for the first couple kids, and by the time number 4 has arrived everyone's like No, no, not another fun trip to the orchard, we've already been there sooooo mannnnyyy tiiiimes. (Thanks a lot, G, L and L ;) This is why I get extra excited for childish things like gumball machines and hay rides and carousels. It also explains why anytime Ralph or my niece and nephews are treated to the occasional ice cream cone or train ride at the zoo, I'm right there with them, cheering and fist pumping. Just making up for my terribly deprived childhood.

Anyway, apple picking was just as fun and festive as I remember it being. Of course, watching Ralph experience anything new of this nature is always a treat. He took wobbly steps around the trees, crouching down to poke at an apple here or there. We gave him one to hold while we picked, thinking he wouldn't be able to figure out how to get it started and the next thing we know, half the apple was in his chubby fist and the other half was in tiny chunks stored in his fat cheeks. So that was a whoops. The rest of his apple eating was closely supervised. Despite the minor choking hazard scare, we all had a good time in the fresh air, and as we drove away, Ryan said, "That was fun!" Anytime Ryan is pleased enough to say so out loud is a good time indeed. And while we may be sticking to the B.R.A.T. diet over here thanks to this lovely flu bug, it's not so bad when the A. is freshly picked from the orchard. 
IMG_8423 IMG_8466 IMG_8493 IMG_8500 IMG_8514
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  1. oooh these pics are so heart meltingly autumn-appley fun! hope you guys are all recovered from the flu. the pic of ralphie going wild on the juicy apple is too sweet. i can't wait to take teddy to the pumpkin patch! xo

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