Updates, updates, updates.

Right now, as I type this, Ralph is bouncing to some music in his high chair, stuffing fists full of cheerios into his mouth. And there's a tiny grunting baby strapped to my chest, trying so hard to fall asleep through Ralph's squeals and cup banging. I've taken on a new endeavor called babysitting my nephew. And next week I'll be adding another baby to the mix. Like most of the jobs I've ever had, these two babysitting gigs kind of fell into my lap. Two mommas needed help, and the timing was right for Ryan and Ralph and me. Three baby boys under the age of one in the same house a couple days a week is my new adventure. Am I crazy? We'll see. For now, I'm just glad to help out. Bills, bills, bills. You know. It helps that all three of the boys are stinkin cute.

So, how was your Labor Day weekend? We spent ours in Cincinnati, celebrating Ryan's mom's 25th teaching anniversary. There was a church potluck, lots of good food, an Ikea trip, and, as usual, lots of Ralph spoiling. The drive there was maybe the worst and longest drive ever, but Ralph slept the entire ride home, only waking to eat and wave a straw from Wendy's around for a half hour or so. His grandparents done tuckered him out.

In other news, our garden is producing tomatoes upon cucumbers upon tomatoes. So, if you have some good tomato/cucumber recipes, send them my way if you please. If Ryan were a bigger fresh tomato fan, we'd just be eating BLT's for the rest of our days, but he's strictly a cooked and mushy tomato fan. So. Help.

And last but not least, I checked the other day, and Ralph still fits in his baby wrap. He hates it, but he fits. I win!

PS: September's You Are My Fave post is up! See it here. And how is it already September?


  1. http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2009/10/making-scarpetta-tomato-basil-spaghetti-scott-conant-scarpetta-meatpacking-district-nyce.html

    this. make this. mark makes it and albeit it seems a bit labor intensive, but my G, it is so good. we tested the dish at scarpetta last time we were up and this recipe yields the same results to a T. xo