a walk in the park

These photos are from a little family walk we took last Saturday. Even though most of the leaves have fallen and changed to a crispy brown color, the temperature was in the high 60's and we were happy for an opportunity to get outside with Ralph and soak up some fresh air. We're lucky enough to live just a block from a cute little park-- when we bought the house we constantly talked about how excited we were to take the baby over there to play. And now we have a baby! He can't play yet, but we can stroll him around and talk about how cute he is. It's fun for us at least.

Buuuuuut don't let the happy, carefree photos fool you, because this week was just about anything but a walk in the park. Ralph's growth spurt continues, the nights are sleepless, and I'm pretty sure I've cried three times since yesterday. We're tired. So tired, in fact, that the other night when I asked Ryan to change Ralph's 2am diaper, he rolled over and opened the window shades instead. It's bad, guys. Real bad.

It's a good thing we love this little boy so much. His little grunts and sneezes and short, sweet moments of awake time send us over the moon. So cry all you want, Ralphie. We're keeping you anyway.


  1. I think you look like Mom in the first picture! Beautiful! Next time walk that boy over to our house.

  2. I am JUST discovering your blog now?!? I've been missing out! So much to catch up on!