Ralphstagrams:: baby's first 18 days in iphone photos

Ralphie is a dream baby, and that's all there is to it.

He seems to have gotten his Dad's laid back personality, and I am ever so thankful! With the exception of short bouts of irritability when he's hungry (also a trait of his father's) ((and his mother's, who am I kidding)) he's the sweetest little sleepy boy I've ever known. 

Our transition from hospital to home was easy and happy. We were so glad to get out of there! No more nurses' opinions, no more bright lights in the middle of the night, no more poking and prodding, hooray! Ralph did show signs of jaundice, and had to wear a billi blanket for a few days. Not a big deal, but the multiple trips to the doctor and the 3 days of trying to nurse a glowing baby attached to a tube in the middle of the night did take its toll. We just wanted to snuggle our newborn! Thankfully, it didn't last long and by the time he was one week old he was as healthy as a horse, and as hungry as one too.

We've had 18 days to get to know this baby of ours, and this is what we have observed so far:
  • He likes his baths, as long as he doesn't.get.cold.at.all.
  • He can handle a diaper change as long as he doesn't.get.cold.at.all. Those wipes are chilly, man!
  • He has three little strawberry birthmarks. One on his thigh, one on his tummy, and one on his right cheek, which is in the most perfect spot for kissing.
  • He was born with black, feathery hair. It has since lightened to a dark brown, and arranges itself into a natural baby mohawk after a bath.
  • He's already going through a growth spurt, and has been eating non-stop for the last day and a half. I'm a milk machine! And he's finally fitting into some of his clothes.
  • Ryan discovered that he'll momentarily stop fussing when he's being taken up or down the stairs. Last night during a bout of screaming, Ryan got out of bed and walked him up and down the stairs once. Voila! Silence.
  • He will only take that darned ugly green hospital passy. None of those cute colorful ones Mom bought! He's already teaching me that I can't control him. Waah.
  • He's ridiculously cute and snuggly and so so sweet. Obviously.
And now he's waking up from his short nap to eat again, so I guess I'll catch ya later, guys!

Come back on Monday for his little birthday story! I promise I'll leave out all the gory details as well as all labor photos, because as much as I tried to look cute, I was just a sweaty mess. And it shows in the pictures. Even when I turn them black and white. Shoot.

See ya Monday!


  1. He really is beyond adorable!! love his name too! What a lucky little boy!

  2. amelia...(#1)what a precious little blog ...something I would someday like to tackle.. (#2) what a happy baby...he sounds like a walk in the park (unlike our little) (#3) can not wait to meet your sweet one! Lots of love...

  3. I love hearing the joy of motherhood in your words.

  4. That last picture still kills me! I love him! And you too!

  5. what else do we know that he is so adorable. i love that last photo.

  6. So cute! My daughter would only take the ugly hospital ones too until we tried a brand called Gumdrop pacifiers! They have the same nipple as the hospital but aren't big and round! They come in different colors too! :)

    Ralph is adorable! Congratulations cute mama!

  7. Look at all of that hair! Congratulations, he is completely precious.

  8. FREAKING adorable. i wanna follow you on IG. . . off to find you now.