Remember how I told you I was going to write a post about Ralphie's birthday?

I planned on writing it over the weekend. And Ralph said, HA! He had other plans, most of which involve eating and not sleeping. The boy is going through his first little growth spurt, and is a hungry hungry hippo for milk. Every hour, on the hour, it seems.

I felt frustrated by it this morning. My body is finally starting to get back to normal-- I can walk at a quick pace, climbing the stairs no longer makes me gasp for breath, and I can bend over without my eyes bulging out of my head. Now that I feel good, I want to get going! I want to clean and decorate and work on little projects. I'm tired of feeling glued to the couch.

But my sweet little Ralph needed his momma today. Once we hit 2pm and we were still in our pajamas, I gave up on getting much done and gave in to snuggling and rocking and feeding my baby. It ended up being a happy little day. And it snowed, too!

So instead of a birth story, you're getting this post and a picture of old man Ralphie taking a bath. It could be worse, right?

I'll be back when Ralph decides to nap for more than 15 minutes at a time. Wish me luck.


  1. Ralphie is just the cutest Amelia! I love his old man look. My son Jack had the little old man face with jet black hair as well. So precious. Congrats!

  2. Oh, goodness, he is adorable! I love his wrinkly little forehead and saggy cheeks!

  3. It is definitely a mindset change to be ok with your only priority being taking care of the baby. I really struggled with it, too! When a "successful" day meant getting the dishwasher loaded, I felt like I was going a little crazy. But then I just had to give in to it, and it's truly a very fleeting time. I look back on it fondly, now! And when I had my second, I didn't even have the luxury of any all-day-couch-time, because I was taking care of the toddler, too! So though I know it's hard, it's also sweet. Hang in there! Ralphie is adorable.

  4. "old man Ralphie" you make me laugh :)

  5. Oh how I am loving reading your posts about your new life with Ralph.
    It reminds me of long ago, 4 kids ago, days with my firstborn son.
    It IS so hard to get used to all of your time belonging to some one else, isn't it?
    It was one of the biggest adjustments for me.
    And, at times, it still is.
    But just keep nursing through it, and soon you'll be going 4 hours between feedings!
    Can you imagine?
    He's precious.
    Love from,

  6. Look at all that hair! Such a precious time as a newborn