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Coming up with things to do over the weekend can be both a joy and a curse in our household. We want to relax! We want to get stuff done! We want to finish projects and make delicious meals and get out of the house and do something exciting, and we want Ralph to take good, long naps on top of it all!

Sometimes we get lucky and it all goes exactly how we want. But most of the time we accomplish two or three to-dos, and the rest slip by while we're sitting down to drink our coffee and watch episodes of This Old House on Saturday morning. Then, out of nowhere, it's time for lunch and Ralph is tired, and I still need to put makeup on, and we still haven't decided what we're doing for rest of the day! It's a silly rut that we've gotten into every weekend that frustrates us both.

And then I realized if we made a plan-- an actual, tangible list-- we might be able to squeeze every last bit of fun and productivity out of our weekend. A weekend itinerary, if you will. I know, it sounds crazy and slightly overbearing, but a plan written down on paper (with boxes next to them that I can check when they're done-- thrilling!) totally works for me during the week. I love a good list, and so does Ryan, when he actually takes the time to sit down and make one. I figured, why not make one for the weekend, when the time we have together as a family is even more valuable?

So I did. And it worked.

Thanks to a bit of good planning, we ran all the errands, started and finished a couple projects, ate well, and made a trip to the desert dome for a happy dose of dry warmth and sunshine.

And we still had time for coffee and This Old House on Saturday morning. Boom.

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  1. I have so enjoyed reading your blog over the past year--it is one of my favorites. I love that this space is so simple and genuine--I am always excited to read your posts.

    Oh, and this is very random, but my husband and I are currently deeply into Boardwalk Empire, and you remind me so much of Kelly Macdonald! She is lovely in the show and also played Merida in Brave. I think y'all have such a similar look!

    1. Haley-- thank you so much. Your post made my day. It's so encouraging to know you're enjoying my blog!

      And! I googled Kelly Macdonald and showed my husband-- he agrees with you! Ha! She's cute, I'll take it as a compliment. And now I think we'll try Boardwalk Empire. We're always looking for new shows to start. :) Xo!

  2. That desert dome looks amazing! Would be the perfect little break from winter.


  3. i know that struggle too well. maybe a list would help too.

    ralph looks like such a little boy now, where did the time go?

    1. Lottie, try it. You won't regret it!

      And I know. It kills me. Are you mourning your little one's baby-ness, too? It goes too fast!