want, need, wear, read | 01

end of the week round-up posts are some of my favorites to read on other blogs. i like the idea of closing up shop by gathering a few things that made the week better, or maybe just a bit more bearable. here are some items that made up my week, in the form of the want, need, wear, read rule.
want: chocolate chip cookies. the christmas goodies are all gone, and we can only last so long without a little something sweet to eat after supper in this house. cookies had to be made. everyone has their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, and mine comes straight off the back of the ghirardelli chocolate chip bag. they're salty-sweet, with a crispy edge and a chewy center. the perfect combination. the best part about them is that they keep their texture for days, instead of drying out within 24 hours. but, they might not last longer than that anyway. 
need: more green. january blues and the polar vortex and dead brown grass underneath dirty snow, man. major bummers. we have only one plant in the house right now, and it hangs out in our bedroom. a trip to the nursery is planned for next week, and i am so excited.
wear: a new white robe. i already own 2 other robes, but they're short and thin and not nearly as luxurious as this one. (well, as luxurious as the clearance rack at target will give you.) this one is thick and pretty, and keeps me warm during the 1am feedings that we're (still) waking up for.

read: i loved this post on self-care by rachael. a bolstering read for tuckered-out moms.

until next week, friends. happy weekend!


  1. great photos! love that robe.


  2. I love this post idea. You should maybe do a post about good indoor plants? you seem like a pro. And I hate to admit it, but I love that Ralph still wakes up to eat, I was starting to feel like the only mom in the world whose baby does not sleep through the night yet. We're doing ok!

    1. Oh Cassie, that is so nice of you to say, but I know NOTHING about indoor plants. Ha! You know how they say succulents are supposed to be the easiest plant to take care of? I've killed every single one I've ever bought, within weeks after bringing it home. But! Your message is encouraging, so if I learn anything, I'll try to make a post telling you what I did/didn't do to keep them alive. :) And fist bump to you and your non-sleeping baby. The two of us, and our dark, puffy, tired eyes can do this!

  3. Thank you for this! What a pretty blog--it's my first time here.
    I feel as if robes were made for married life. : )