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want: a hot bath. it's been so long since i've taken one, but the colder it gets outside, the better a good soak sounds to me every night. with some lavender soap, and this candle burning, please. (i guess i have my friday night planned.)

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need: {or, needed} i said i had to have more green in the house, and one trip to home depot got me everything i was looking for. when i returned home i realized that two of the plants didn't have tags inside the pots, so i'm not sure what they're called. but the little guy in front is a peperomia. i hope i don't kill you, peperomia, you're my favorite one!

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wear: this turtleneck sweater from gap is keeping warm at least twice a week these days. it has just enough wooly scratch to it that you need to layer a shirt underneath, which keeps me even warmer. and of course, i'm not actually wearing a mug of something hot, but i guess i'd consider that an accessory, since my coffee/tea/cocoa cup doesn't go too far from my side lately.

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read: we went to the library last weekend and both ryan and i walked out pretty pleased with what we found. and it's been a nice change to sit down at night with a book in our laps, instead of a phone in our hands.
oh! and a read for all of you: an interview in the Journal Sentinel with my sister and her husband, along with photos of the pretty home they fixed up together. it's exciting to see all their hard work get a bit of praise. i'm so proud of them!


  1. Just love your blog. The photography and content are both great. So happy to have found it! Thanks!

  2. I am always looking for a good read. Your pictures are so serene.