snow, take 2

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Just wanted to post a few pictures to show that it turns out Ralph does like snow (unlike the time he did not.) The two of us went out today during a good flurry, and Ralph stomped and shrieked and rolled around in it like a dog. Now we just need to work on keeping mittens on his hands, and a more graceful exit . . . I'm pretty sure the entire neighborhood heard me haul him inside.


  1. The one with his little butt in the air kills me!

  2. I'm obsessed with your photography. Gorgeous. Makes me think for five seconds that I actually like snow. Ha!

    1. Aw, thanks, Diana! I know, if we must endure the snow, at least we can admire the way it looks. :) And I'm so excited about your new blog! Can't wait to keep reading.

  3. I'm too wimpy to go out in the snow with Beck. Ralph is in heaven, it's so sweet.