First of all: thank you so much to those who wrote such wonderful words about my baby's birth story. And thank you for your prayers! I feel so much better after writing that out and reading your comments. Ryan and I feel so loved.

Speaking of Ryan, it's his birthday on Monday! He's out with some dudes tonight, so I'm watching SNL and preparing for his party. The theme is:: woodgrain. The man likes carpentry and bears, so it seems like the only logical choice. Unfortunately, now that I'm actually looking at my decorations, it seems I'm planning this party for an eight-year-old girl? I may need to adjust some stuff.

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. I love that the theme is totally different--and I love your drawing of a bear, wish I was that talented!

  2. Hmmm. I think I can play into the BDay theme with some wine selections.

    Aged in American oak vs. French oak.

    Taste totally different because of the woodgrain.

    I don't know about the bears though.

  3. Amelia, you are adorable!! Ryan is a pretty lucky guy. Love you so much, Little One!

  4. bear and deer and pom poms, oh my! Good luck with the party, Amelj. And Happy almost-Birthday to Ryan!