It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (Again.)

We're just about to head out for my parent's house! I spent the entire day packing, wrapping last-minute gifts and cleaning the apartment so that it's not a depressing mess when we return. My sister who lives in Nebraska texted me this morning and said their ETA is sometime this afternoon, so they should be at the house when Ryan and I arrive! (Although they're traveling with three kids under 5, so who knows? Also, yikes.) 

Every year my family picks a theme for Christmas, just for the fun of it--this year's theme is Season's Eatings. We've got some grand plans for root beer taste testing, pasta making, fondue, and a gigantic chocolate cake. I'm sure we'll all be feeling nice and hefty when we return home. I'll be sure to take photos of all our feasts!

Also, Ryan and I got downgraded to the basement this year, right near allllll the kiddos' favorite toys. I'm sure we won't be getting much sleep. Here's to 5 nights of sleeping on an air mattress!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy weekend!

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