World Renowned Genius Turns 24.

...was Ryan's suggestion for the title of this post.

The birthday celebrations have come and gone, and my guy is now a whole age older than me for exactly 25 days. We had a little party last night that consisted mostly of boys. Only Jackie and I were there to add some girlish charm. Somehow we all managed to squeeze into our tiny living room. Soup was on the menu-- my sister's Tomato Ravioli soup and one of my dad's favorites, Spinach Artichoke. Those burly men ate up most of the soup and I couldn't have been happier about it, because my half pint fridge certainly can't hold two giant stock pots. Let's be real.

We topped the evening off with a candlelit birthday cake and a little SNL on hulu. 
(Specifically this skit.)
Happy Birthday to you, sweet Ryan! I'm praying that this year brings you lots of blessings and happiness. And if I could, I'd knit you a sweater with an extra hole for your dreams and ideas. 

I love you.


  1. super adorable photos!!


  2. What a great cake! And Ryan looks the part of a world renowned genius with his horn-rimmed glasses.

  3. I love these photos and that cake is amazing--I need a cake with candles like that.

    And the title of the post made me laugh--Ryan is a funny man!

  4. Happy birthday, dear Ryan! We're happy to call you our brother. Also, your cake and the decorations are fabulous, Amelia! Come and see us soon! We love you both!

  5. Ha! I can imagine my husband coming up with a title like that too. What a cool cake! Nice job. :)

  6. Cake was awesome. Taste delicious too. Thanks for having us for Family Dinner.