52: a portrait a week | Week 6


Ralphie turned 16 weeks old on Monday.

I loved the newborn stage-- I loved his tiny-ness and his new-ness. But, man, 16 weeks is good stuff. He's still soft and sweet like a newborn, but now he's solid and heavy and so, so squishy. When he's sleepy enough, he'll plop his head down on my shoulder and fall asleep nuzzled up to my neck. When that happens, I feel like I could just die.

He still likes to be bounced when he's upset, and is turning out to be a thumb sucker. He's starting to babble a little bit, too. He likes to let out a big sigh and say, "geeeeee..." which is what he's doing in this picture. I almost can't handle the cuteness.

Can you tell that I love him? Oh my gosh, do I ever.