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Am I really writing another post on winter and staying indoors and having the worst case of cabin fever ever?

I am.

It snowed again today. All the news reporters said it was the biggest snow of the season so far. Ralph and I put on our warmest clothes and padded around the house, occasionally peeking out the windows to watch the neighbors shovel and the dog next door stand up and bark and lay back down again, allowing the snowflakes to cover his furry coat while he napped.

By noon we were bored of it all, so we hung out in the nursery and read books on the new rug that came in the mail a few days ago. When we got bored with books, Ralph talked to the ceiling while I made lists and dreamed up blog posts. When we got tired of that, we went on You Tube and danced to Teddy Bear's Picnic four times in a row.

And when we got bored with that, we bounced and bounced and bounced until Ryan came home.

We ate soup for supper. We gave Ralph a bath. I nursed and snuggled and patted out the bubbles. Then I put a limp, sleepy baby in his bed, and thanked God a million times for him.

And I'll do it all over again tomorrow.


  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I get excited every time I there is a new post, like getting an email from a friend. It makes me happy to hear about Ralph cooing while on your new rug. (Really hoping this comment makes sense. It's nearly midnight and my brain is definitely shutting down...)

  2. Send the snow my way! Anna is dying to play in the snow and we've only gotten 2 inches at a time. Glad you have a cute little guy to spend your snowy days with!

  3. Lovely post. He really is so adorable. Those little bald spots in the back are the best, aren't they?

  4. i love this post.

    cabin fever is so bad--hopefully you will be able to get out soon and in the mean time just snuggle adorable ralphie :)

  5. And I love reading these...every time :)
    Uncle Ron and I want to come visit really soon!