from the weekend.

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1. Saturday morning. | We woke up to a fresh coat of snow
2.3.4. I cleared off the table and snapped some pictures of the tulips we bought at the grocery store. | I'm glad I did, because the table accumulated stuff just hours later, and the flowers are starting to droop.
5.6. Roll-overs are happening left and right now, and kisses are being administered after over-zealous rolls result in head bonks. | We need a rug.
7. Ralph is learning how to fight naps, so into the wrap he goes. | He'll fuss at first and then zzzzzzzzzz.
8.9.10. Playtime with Dad. | Evidence of the junk that collects on the table in the background.
11. Dressed and ready to get out of the blasted house. (Hurry up, Spring!) | The little grey pilot cap from Auntie Gretel finally fits, and I LOVE IT.
12. When dads wear the wrap they do it backwards, and in their pajamas, and they let the baby stay up late to watch the Super Bowl.


  1. He looks so much like you but with his daddy's hair! Too cute!

  2. We miss you guys, but we might miss Ralph the most! Can we see you soon?!