a new routine, and happy weekend!


Our evening routine used be a mad dash of dinner prep, shoveling food down as fast as we could, bouncing Ralph, clean up and bath time. By the time we had Ralph lotioned and dressed, he'd be exhausted and angry, and Ryan would be like NURSE HIM, QUICK! And when it was all over, Ryan and I would plop down on the couch, frazzled and totally pooped.

It took us an embarrassing amount of time to realize this stupid routine wasn't working for anybody. 

So now when Ryan gets home from work, we ignore everything else and the three of us have a little family time. We play and chat and tickle fat baby chins. Ralph gets an earlier bath that lasts longer than 2 minutes and includes a rubber duck. And then there's books and songs and prayers and kisses. By 7:15pm, he's out. It is THE best, even if we are eating dinner at 8pm.

And I don't know, it just feels really good to figure things like this out. Being first-time parents isn't easy, so when we have these little victories we're like, high five! We're okay at parenting!

I just wanted to tell you that.

Anyway, it's Friday! And Ryan came home from work early so we could do a little bit more birthday celebrating this weekend. Aka, we're painting the living room. 

Happy weekend!


  1. I love when parenting routines are THROWN out the window. I also just sent you an email with a quick question when you have time. Thanks and Happy Friday!

  2. i love this!! so good for me to be reminded of because our first Little is coming any day.

    also ps. i literally adore your instagram feed!!! i went through months of your old photos yesterday because they are so full of beauty and love and happiness.

    happy weekend, friend!

  3. i know exactly what you mean by the routine thing. we changed our routine to family time and then bathtime for ava before having dinner just the two of us and we all are so much happier. and it feels like such a victory :)

  4. Yes, high five! As a mom of two, I'm still learning to let go of the cleaning and to-do list and just be present. Motherhood is much more enjoyable that way. Congratulations new mama!