Happy Valentine's Day!

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Hey dudes! Are you celebrating? I just put a few decorations up on Tuesday to make the house feel festive-- some hearts and candles and a few vases of baby's breath, which always feels romantic to me since my wedding bouquet was a big bunch of those tiny fluffy flowers.

This morning I made our favorite pancake recipe in the shape of some lumpy hearts for breakfast. It was the least I could do, since Ryan's lately been letting me sleep in so late, I'm barely awake to croak a "see ya" before he leaves for work. We also exchanged little gifts-- Ryan got a new thermos (filled with Reeses hearts) and I got a big heart-shaped box of chocolates, which is precisely what I asked for. And now our house has a disgusting amount of chocolate, which should safely last us until Easter candy hits the shelves. 

For a split second, I thought about having my sister watch Ralphie so Ryan and I could go out. But, as pathetic as it might sound, I'm just not quite ready for that yet. So, once we put our fat cherub of a baby to bed, Ryan and I are going to make a homemade pizza (in the shape of a heart) and maybe catch up on a few episodes of Downton Abbey. And I secretly plan on trapping Ryan into giving me a foot rub. IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY HE CAN'T SAY NO.

And now I'd like to wish all of you a Happy V-day, because I love you guys too. Thanks for being such sweet readers. Smoochy smooch.

PS: Here's the post from last year's Valentine's Day. I guess I'm making heart-shaped breakfasts a tradition in this family. Also, now I'm really wishing I could eat one of those cupcakes.

PPS: Happy Birthday to my sweet mom-in-law! We love you!


  1. gorgeous photos!


  2. Your pictures are so beautiful. Also, Ralph looks like a little cupid.

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  4. ok. your house is so adorable. i really wish you would do a house tour because it's so bright and cheery and i feel like i will fall in love with every part of it.

    the end. ;)

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