photos from the weekend

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{1} Fresh flowers, a new vase, and the first rays of sunshine in days.
{2} A family date at Culvers on Friday night, along with Milwaukee's elderly and lots of kids in basketball uniforms.
{3,4} Snappin' pictures after a morning diaper change. | He figured out my phone and gets all grabby when I pull it out now, which is a good excuse to try and keep it tucked away while we're playing.
{5} My family came over on Saturday and filled up our little house with lots of laughing and talking and noise. Ralph tired himself out just by watching everybody, and fell asleep in my mom's arms. It's fun to see my mom hold my baby. I can just feel how much she loves him, and it's wonderful.
{6}We celebrated my nephew's 4th birthday and held the party at our house since my sister's house is full of projects. Little Ollie was so shy when we sang to him, and actually ran and hid when it was time to blow out the candles. Liz made a camping themed cake for him and he got a brand new bike with the words "Major Damage" on the side. All of this is hilarious to me.
{7} Ralph's cousin Henry arranged all of his toys just ever so, and then proudly snapped this picture himself.
{8, 9} Ryan watched the Masters all day Sunday. He gets really into it. Eventually he found his putter and was tapping golf balls all over the living room rug. Forcing him into this photo shoot was my way of saying, "HEY REMEMBER ME?"
{10} Looking through an old cookbook of my Grandma's and planning out meals for the week. If I don't plan, suppers go something like this: pizza, pizza, omelets, chicken breasts, pizza, and leftovers.
{11, 12} Ralph loves to suck on his toes lately. An old college friend of mine saw this photo and he said in yoga this pose is called "Happy Baby." And I think that's just sweet as pie.


  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend to me....and what gorgeous pics!!!

  2. Girl, you look so tired!

  3. I have to disagree, she does not look "so tired" -- that's just the face of a wife whose stuck watching whatever sports her husband has on all day ;)

    As usual you look lovely Amelia and those pictures of Ralph at the end are the sweetest. I'm always a sucker for a baby in a white onesie.