Ralph at six months

Oh Ralphie.At 5:36 this morning, my baby boy turned six months old. He's no longer a newborn, not really an infant . . . just a nice, chubby, bubbly baby. I like it.

Since we've reached this little milestone today, I thought it'd be a good moment to write down on the blog a few of the things about my Ralph that make him so Ralph-ish. 

  • Those soft black baby hairs from his newborn days are just about history. There are a few hanging on at the nape of his neck, and even fewer wispy ones on top. They've been replaced by short brown sprouts, and we're waiting to see if they'll stay brown like his momma's, or turn blond like his dad's.
  • His first word is most definitely "ging." No, I know, ging isn't a word. But it's the only thing that actually sounds like a word that he'll consistently say, especially when he's sad or excited. "Ging, ging, ging!" It's his own variation of da, da, da or ba, ba, ba.
  • His very favorite game is when Ryan covers him with a blanket, and then quickly whips it off. Oh, the fun of it all is just too much. At night when I put him down in his crib and cover him up, he'll kick and laugh and think we're playing.
  • As far as experimenting with food goes, bananas get a thumbs up. Rice cereal and green beans, TWO THUMBS DOWN.
  • Thankfully, he's still a big fan of milk and enjoys a meal every two hours during the day. But don't even think about making noise while he's eating, or he will stare you down until you hush up. Lately his curiosity is getting the best of him when he eats, and he'll break away, arch his back and look behind him as faaaar as he can. Getting him to focus and finish up is like wrestling and pinning down a squirmy piglet.
  • Naps are rough, unless he's in the car or stroller. But getting him down for the night is so easy it feels like cheating. 
  • Speaking of sleeping at night, he's still waking a couple times each night to eat. He starts out in his crib, then moves to his bassinet next to me, then always ends up in our bed for the last two hours of the night. It's crazy, but it works.
  • He's smiley and drooly. He squeals and sings. He likes being tickled under his chin and grabbing fistfuls of my hair to shove into his mouth. His favorite toys are his bear, Sophie the giraffe, and an orange sippy cup with a straw that pokes out. He thinks he's a very big boy when he holds that orange sippy cup.
  • Yesterday in church we sang I Am Jesus' Little Lamb, and he looked at me and Ryan like, "HEY GUYS I KNOW THIS ONE!" He wiggled and smiled and sucked on his hands so excitedly, and my heart just about burst.
  • Also, church with this baby? Exhausting.
  • Lately I've been saying "Kiss you!" and then giving him a big smooch on his lips. Since then he's been reaching up and grabbing my face with both hands, and putting his wet, open mouth to my lips. And OH MAN is it the best thing in the world. Every time it happens I practically die, and then I'm like, Holy smokes I taught him something!
  • Just as I expected, mom is good for a cuddle, dad is good for tricks and wrestling and big time laughs.
I could go on. I could go on, and on, and onnnn. I won't because we've got things to do today (a six month checkup and shots on this day of celebration, what was this momma thinking when she scheduled that?) But boy, do I love this little baby of mine. Oh Ralph, I'm so glad you're mine!


  1. I hate to say something you are no doubt, very well aware of, but (!!!) he is so adorable. Seriously!

    I've been reading ever since your Christmas tree post on Natalie's blog. Lovely writing and lovely photos! Keep it up, girl! :)

  2. love this post and ava gives me open mouth sloppy kisses and oh my! my heart just burst evey single time so i know exactly how you feel.

    and ralph is so cute :)

  3. What a sweetie! I love those open-mouthed kisses; they are something else. Lucy will sometimes pause mid-kiss and just leave her mouth on mine for several seconds. Very messy, incredibly sweet. {On the other hand, Max recently left open-mouthed kisses behind and only gives me closed-mouth kisses. It's a little bit sad.}

    Is it just me, or is he growing up so fast already? Slow down there, Ralph!