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Sometimes being a stay-at-home-mom means you have the option of keeping the TV turned on all day long, if you feel like it.

This rarely happens in my house, since daytime TV is always crap. But not today. Today, from the minute I came downstairs from my bedroom and learned about the awful things that happened in Boston overnight, to just minutes ago, when the news came that everything was over, I was positively glued to my television.

And after watching everything happen today, I just feel so thankful. I'm thankful the suspects have been found and captured. I'm thankful for my country, and for the brave military and policemen that worked so hard. I'm thankful the wives and mothers and children of those men have the relief knowing most of them are out of harm's way, and can come home. I'm thankful for my family, and my husband, and my Ralphie. Most of all, I'm thankful for my faith. I'm thankful for God's forgiveness-- forgiveness offered to everyone, even those two men who did such horrible things.

I'm thankful for days like today-- the ones that help me realize that things like endless dishes in the sink and babies that won't nap-- those things aren't so bad. They're actually pretty great.

And gosh, I'm thankful for the weekend! I hope it's a happy one for all of us.


  1. Erm...not all of the first-responders and police officers are male.

  2. I'm sure there are a lot of police officers who were helping who had husbands at home, as well

  3. In regards to these two comments, I am sure this blogger didn't mean to exclude woman over men in the Boston Bombing. Don't be so narrow-minded! Don't you know that in the words "all men are created equal" includes men AND woman? Good grief.

  4. Oh no! And what if stay-at-home dads were offended by no mention of them? Or single parents? Or... Come on people! I think we can all recognize (and hopefully appreciate!) the point that was being made here! I know I did! It is silly to quibble over words!

  5. so many anonymous readers.... :)

    as an almost stay-at-home mom (a e.r. nurse on the weekends) and a fire-fighter's wife, I appreciate this post. I am sure you did not mean to say that all police officers are men, or that all caregivers at home are women, but that you are grateful for those who are at the forefront, as well as their families.

    sometimes people forget that blogs are personal, and often written from the viewpoint of the writer, and reflect their own life, and their own experience of an event. there is nothing wrong with this.

    let's not forget all the good in the midst of sometimes horrific happenings.