52: a portrait a week | Week 4

Ralphie learned how to roll over this week.

He did it for the first time on our bed yesterday. It happened so quickly, and he looked a little confused afterwards, like, "Why am I facing this direction now?" I squealed and clapped, and then scooped him up for a long snuggle because he's growing so fast all of a sudden. I kissed his fat cheeks and smelled his big ol' head. You know, mom stuff.

I wanted to make sure the whole rolling over situation wasn't just a fluke, so we tried again today during tummy time. I was playing my Sound of Music record, and he fussed for a while until Climb Every Mountain came on. Suddenly he started flippin' over like a fish. Ah, the power of an inspirational song! Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream, Ralphie!

Mostly, I'm just glad that he gave me a good memory to go with that song. Because everyone knows that Climb Every Mountain is the yawn of that musical.

Anyway, I think part of the point of this whole portrait series is to take just one photo a week, but I can't possibly do that when I have a baby that looks like this:
IMG_2753 IMG_2739
Oh sweet boy, I love you!


  1. Ah! I love his shirt! He's too cute. Way to roll, Ralphie!!

  2. His shirt is so cute, and he is adorable!